History of google

The company was founded on september 4, 1998. The founders are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The current CEO is Larry Page. A few of the subsidiaries are youtube, nest labs, and double click. The company competes in the internet search provider industry. One competitor is Amazon.

Factors of Production

The company offers web, mobile, business, geo, media, specialized search, home and office, social, and innovation. Google employs a total of 54,604 around the world. The company is worth 379.84 billion dollars.

Financial information

Google has been going down for a couple of days. Due to knew venturers that have led customers unsatisfied
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Google has 216,376 shares. The stocks are trading in between the hi low at 549.65. The company does not pay dividends and has never paid dividends. The google stock split in january of 2014 into GOOG and GOOGL. The analysts say to buy the stock as well as hulbert interactive. Hulbert is in the middle and the analyst is in the bullish.
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News releases

The news articles are talking about new ventures and pathes that google is taking and they seem risky because not a lot of people are liking the new idea and this affects stock by making people not want to buy so stock goes down and they lose money

Summary, Analysts, Reflection

I would personally still buy this stock because when it goes back up I would be able to sell it for more. Also Google is a great company and will always be a great company. I have gained much from google then lost some. I have learned that buying low you will benefit more when the stock goes up.
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