Miss Strawn's Kindergarten Class


Meet the Teacher

My name is Miss Megan Strawn. I am a first year teacher. I enjoy being active, my family, sports, dogs, and trying new things. My favorite color is pink and my favorite television show is Pretty Little liars. I love watching movies and going shopping in my free time. I love to read and try to be crafty. I cannot wait to begin a great school year and to meet everyone. For any questions please email me at mstrawn@dbq.edu or call my cell phone at 630-386-7169

Classroom Expectations

1. Golden rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated
2. No talking while others are talking
3. Turn in assignments on time
4. Be prepared
5. Keep hands, feet, and all objects to yourself
6. Only nice words should be used
7. Raise your hand to talk
8. Never be afraid to ask questions

9. Share during free time

We should do our very best to follow these expectations every day inside and outside of the classroom.

Discipline Policies

Green Light, Red Light

Every student will start the day off on green. Each student's goal is to end the day as the began it, on green. If a student's behavior becomes inappropriate for the classroom or they break one of our classroom goals they will have a warning. If that same behavior occurs again or another behavior just as unsuitable they will then be asked to move their light to yellow. If the child shows good behavior for the rest of the day they will have the opportunity to move their name back to the green light. Once on yellow if the student continues to misbehave they will then have to put their name on the red light. If a student ever gets to red a sheet will be sent home requiring a parent signature and depending on the behavior they will also be sent to the principals office. Per request I can also send out an email on your students behavior daily.

Just a little video to get you excited for kindergarten to start!