Anne Carragher Wellness Challenge

Week 3 - Focus on Spiritual Wellness

Welcome to Week 3 of the Wellness Challenge. This week, we are focusing on spiritual wellness and spiritual wellness challenges are worth double points! In the scorecard we are also asking for an update on your personal improvement goal! What steps have you taken to achieve your goal? How did you keep yourself accountable? What comes next?

Reminder for Week 2 Scorecard!

Turn in your Week 2 scorecard by Monday, January 27 at 12pm. If you submit your scorecard on time, you will receive an extra 5 points! If your entire team submits their scorecards on time, your team will receive an extra 20 points!

Individual Points Leaders!

What you have been waiting for, preliminary results from the first week of the Wellness Challenge. Here are the top 10 individuals:

1. Claire Giordano (101 pts)

2. Maria Parks (92 pts)

Amy Clawson (92 pts)

3. Rhiannon Jahns (91 pts)

4. Russ Cleveland (89 pts)

5. Margot Walker (88 pts)

6. Erin Engelhardt (87 pts)

Laura Hoffman (87 pts)

Elia Grenier (87 pts)

7. Eli Christopher (85 pts)

Alanna McCarthy (85 pts)

8. Karissa Ponischil (83 pts)

9. David Grant (82 pts)

Marcella Marie Perez (82 pts)

10. Kimberly Gawlik (81 pts)

Sabina Neem (81 pts)

Kristen Carstens (81 pts)

The standings are neck and neck! If you are not on this list and want to know your personal score, please contact Brendon Soltis at

Team Point Leaders!

1. Team Love Me Some Lulu (322 pts)

2. Tom Parks And Gawks (312 pts)

3. SUXC Team 2 (310 pts)

4. OAR-awesomeness (306 pts)

5. Advisor Survivors (305 pts)

6. ADVANCE THIS! (304 pts)

7. Train and Sprain (297 pts)

8. Damned if we Doughnut (296 pts)

Self Prescribed (296 pts)

Legally Buff (2014) (296 pts)

9. Enrollment Fitness Ladies (295 pts)

10. The JVME Sloths (294 pts)

If you are not on this list and want to know your team score, please have your Captain contact Brendon Soltis at

Week 3 Scorecard

Check out next week's scorecard to plan out your week with events and challenges!

Feed Your Brain!!

This week’s opportunity to learn something new or think about a topic in a different way comes from Jonathan Haidt and his TED talk!

Meditation Audio Guides

Use one of these audio guides for self-meditation, prayer, or reflection each week and earn points! You may even feel more relaxed and less stressed afterwards!

Save the Date - 2014 Wellness Challenge Awards Lunch

Wednesday, February 26 | 12-1pm | Campion Ballroom | RSVP to follow

After all your hard work - you deserve a free lunch! Come with your team to celebrate your successes, claim prizes and cheer on award winners!

Creation: From Chaos to Cosmos

All Week | 8:30am-4:30pm| Kinsey Gallery (ADAL) | 7 points

Father Pham's paintings take viewer's imagination to the first moment of creation when an eruption/disruption took place in a split second, when time and space open endlessly, when strange "dark energy" rushed spirally in the nonlinear geometry of chaos. Through the creation of this work he seeks to share and express this mystical experience while remaining in harmony with his own spiritual center and the manifestations of the outer world. More Info >>

Take What You Need

All Week | 2 points

Feeling tired? Stressed? Anxious about school? Starting on January 27th, posters will be hung around campus that address these everyday issues. These posters will feature rip-off tabs that allow you to "Take What You Need" at that moment. Look out for this campaign and contribute to your own mental wellness by taking a moment for yourself to recognize what you need to brighten your day! More info >>

Depression Screening (students only)

Wednesday, January 29 |11:30-1pm | STCN 1st Floor &PIGT Atrium | 5 points

Swing by one of our screenings between classes to answer a few confidential questions about how you’re feeling – you’ll get the results of your screening on the spot and it’ll take just a few minutes. Or take the screening any time this week online here >>

Wellspring Employee Assistance Program (staff only)

All Week |Any Time | online| 5 points

In place of the depression screening offered to students, staff can earn their points this week by exploring support offered from our Wellspring Employee Assistance Program (EAP) available through Human Resources. Spend 10 minutes online exploring this benefit for your points. Wellspring EAP >>

St. Ignatius 101

Thursday, January 30 | 12-1pm| CHDN 145 | 7 points

Bring your lunch and learn about St. Ignatius in ways you never have before. Jen Tilghman-Havens will be walking us through a brief history as we explore how the past informs the present.

Play 4Kay Women’s Basketball Game vs. Idaho

Saturday, February 1 | 2pm |CONN North Court | 10 points

Wear PINK and consider making a donation at the game! If we raise $2,014, Coach Bonvicini will get pied in the face!

Kay Yow was an outstanding coach, leader and mentor for young women and all cancer survivors. Her message was always about finding the positive in everything you do and being determined and resilient when facing a difficult situation. Our team and staff is excited to honor Kay and all cancer survivors at our pink game. Please be generous and give to this cause.” - Coach B More info and to donate online >>

Chinese New Year Celebration 2014

Sunday, February 2 | 6-8pm | STCN 160 | 7 points

Join the Chinese Student Association for this indoor version of a Chinese night market. With a variety of Chinese food and activity booths, students, staff and faculty will be able to experience Chinese culture. Tickets are $10. More Info >>

February Calendar... in progress

The final calendar of February events will be available soon - thanks for your patience as we coordinate with our campus partners!

Health and Wellness Crew

  • Contact Brendon about scorecards and points
  • Contact Kira about registration and involvment
  • Contact Ryan about events and challenges