Bobcat Bulletin

August 1, 2021

Face Masks:

  • Face masks are optional. CDC has recently updated recommendations for face mask usage. See the CDC’s Guidance for exact details.
    • Exceptions to face masks being optional are:
      • Students and staff must continue to wear face masks when on school busses due to federal requirements by the Centers for Disease Control and the Transportation Security Administration.
      • Symptomatic students and staff will be required to use them in the nurse’s office.
      • Students who refuse to wear a face mask during required times are subject to discipline.
  • Face mask requirements are determined in conjunction with local and/or state agencies.
  • For families that choose to have their child(ren) wear a face mask, breaks will be provided for students to remove their face masks.

August 2nd @ 8:45am! (*Drop off begins at 8:30am*)

  • As a reminder: The 1st Day of School is drop off only. Just like last year, parents may use the front drop off lane OR walk their child to the designated area at the South exterior gate (near fields & bike rack). Kindergarten Parents have the option to walk up to the gate for the first day, but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you use the car drop off lane. Remember, there is no parking in the front lot, so please park in the lot near the community center and use the sidewalk to the gate.
  • Please review the Drop Off & Pick Up procedures video here:
  • The front parking lot is for curbside drop off only. If you are walking your child to the gate, please park in the SOUTH lot near the community center (please watch the video for a better understanding of this procedure).

Staggered Dismissal Process:

Full Day Dismissal Times:

3:15pm--Kindergarten & their older siblings

3:20pm--1st /2nd/3rd Grades AND Walkers & Bike Riders

3:25pm--4th/5th/6th Grades

3:30pm--7th/8th Grades and Bus Riders

90 Minute Early Release Fridays:

1:45pm--Kindergarten & their older siblings

1:50pm--1st /2nd/3rd Grades AND Walkers & Bike Riders

1:55pm--4th/5th/6th Grades

2:00pm--7th/8th Grades

If you have a student in more than one grade, please use the last pick - up time slot for your family. (For example: I have a 3rd, 5th, and 7th grader. I will come at the 3:30pm 7th grade pick up time to get all three of my children because they will all have been dismissed at that point.)

The exception to this is families with a Kindergarten student: ALL Kinders and Siblings will be dismissed at 3:15pm.

Tips for Walkers:

*If your children are older and walk to/from school, consider setting up a nearby spot off campus to meet your children. Our dismissal process is much more efficient when we minimize congregating on campus during this busy time.

*If your child is younger, you may wait near the designated cones (by the bus lane) to pick up your walker. Please reserve this space for families with younger walkers.

*We ask that you begin walking as soon as you meet your children so that we are not congregating on/near campus.

During Kindergarten Dismissal:

*Kinder parents will display a color coded name plate that will be given to you on the first day of school. This will help us identify who you are picking up.

*Staff will be available to provide supervision and ensure students are loaded in cars safely.

*Walkers will be escorted to the pick up area for walkers.

The most up to date policies and procedures...

  • During the 21-22 school year, we will continue to follow the "low threshold for illness" process. Please review the Remain in School Safely: Parent Expectations to ensure we are all doing our part to keep our community healthy.
  • All information in regard to the DVUSD Safety Plan for the 21-22 school year can be found on the website under the Remain in School section, or by watching the parent webinar:
  • Have you watched our Welcome Back presentation yet? Here you go:
  • Have questions about drop off and pick up procedures? Watch this video:

From the Desk of Nurse Kathy:

As we begin the 21-22 school year, please take the time to update any information in regard to medical conditions and/or medicine.


Go to the Resources tab.

Select the Health Center, then Medical Action Plans.

If your student has any medical conditions or alerts, please fill out the appropriate paperwork and return to Nurse Kathy ASAP.

Finally, update medications and requirements.

Please don't hesitate to call Nurse Kathy and set up a time to sign necessary paperwork in regard to student medications.

Thank you,

Nurse Kathy

623 445 8410

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