my goals

Makayla Tucker,5th grade 2015-2016

Math goals

I hope to work hard and meet my goals in the spring for map testing I also want to be the best at math and because I love math.

Reading goal

I hope to improve my schema and reading comprehension.And to do thinking jots to get my thinking out on paper this year.I want to be the best reader I can be this year.

behavior goals

I hope to be the best I can be in every thing I do and to do all my work on time and be nice to every one I meet and I hope to get good grades to this year

my life goal

I really want to help more around the house and to help my mom out. I can help with dinner and just little things she needs help with.

my other life goal

To be a good friend to everyone I meet and play more sports and to get good grades for the rest of the year. I hope to make new friends and help anyone that may need help