Zoey DeVaughn


Some negative things on the geography of Greece are... During some of there summers their riverbeds dry-up and the Greeks depend on it. Some positive things are that their withers were very mild and they barely had any snow.

Daily Life: Living in Style

Some negative things on Greece are... They had fertile land so it was sorta hard for the farmers to farm. Some positive things are... The moms always led the most activities in Greece


Some negative things on the animals in Greece are... That some of their animals were that most of them are dangerous and can really harm you. Some positive things are... That they can be very helpful and can be put to be trained.


Some negative things on the Government Greece are... Athens fell under a tyranny.Some positive things are that when this tyranny was ended, the Athenians came up with the world's first democracy.

Victory (Athletics)

Some negative things on Greece Athletics are... When the weather got bad there wouldn't be any Olympic games going on. Some positives things are... . Most modern top level meetings are conducted by the International Association of Athletics Federations