Civil Rights Movement

Major Points in Civil Rights Movement

  1. Brown vs Board of Education 1954- Supreme Court rules that school segregation unconstitutional over ruling Plessy VS Ferguson.
  2. Montgomery Bus Boycott- Blacks are boycotted from the Montgomery Bus for a year because Rosa Parks would not give up seat to White man.
  3. Little Rock Nine -group of Students in Little Rock in which the students were intially prevented from entering the racially segregated school.
  4. Sit in Campaigns- where students from across the country go in restaurants to protest all of this started in Greensboro, NC.
  5. 1964 Civil Rights Act- Lyndon B Johnson signs and act saying prohibits discrimination in public.

Why I decided to pick Civil Rights Movements

The reason I picked the Civil Rights Movement is because it change the world from back then to now. Back then you had to use different restrooms different water fountains and everything now we all get to use the same thing. Do i think we should have sign this act? Yes because they get to be one the world just like we did God made us equal and it should stay that way.