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Visual Art Year Long Module 6 Due

Module 6 Due. Please attend the live class for Module 12 if you have questions. Otherwise, you will find the Module 7 Live Class Archive under Recordings in Adobe Connect on the left side of your screen.

VISUAL ART FALL 17: Module 10 and 11 Due Tonight Live Class Tuesday Modules 12

We are now starting Module 12; so please catch up on past work asap.

INSTRUCT Module 12 Dan Eldon


In 1993, artist and photojournalist Dan Eldon was covering the famine and unrest in Somalia for Reuters News Agency when UN forces bombed the residence of warlord Aidid. Enraged loyalist supporters violently retaliated, murdering Eldon and three other western journalists.

Although his life was short, Eldon lived his years with voracious passion, leading an aid mission across Africa, working as a graphic designer for Mademoiselle Magazine, publishing a book, directing a short film and creating 17 extraordinarily powerful volumes of art work, all before the age of 22.

In the pages that fill the bulging journals, Eldon reveals imagistic insight into his extraordinary perspective on the world. Filled with snapshots of his life growing up as a young expatriate in Kenya, explosive images taken in war-torn Somalia and detailed drawings of the world around him, the journal works blend the photographic reality with the transient ephemera of his everyday to create a vivid blueprint of Eldon’s imagination."

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Student Examples of Dan Eldon Parts I and II


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Abby C Still Life Drawing and Photo

I like how Abby considered the whole composition, including the background. She was able to get an array of values. She used her knowledge of geometric forms like cylinder and cone from the warm up to shade those forms. The window sill and blinds are especially a nice touch and that she considered how forms go back into space, like the piece of paper towel on the right which becomes a trapezoid shape.

Peer Tutoring Center Volunteers Needed!!

Below, you will find a list of the services the Peer Tutoring Center offers.

Quick Question services will be available to all NCVPS students via Upswing at the start of the semester. For the first four weeks, this is will be the primary work we provide to ALL NCVPS students. The purpose of this service is to quickly provide assistance to students as they begin to navigate their courses. This will be a first online class for many students and we don’t want anyone to fall behind simply because they didn’t understand how to do or submit work! All Peer Tutors should be able to provide the support students need at this point. View a whirlwind 30 minute session condensed to 3 minutes of a Quick Questions session here.

Virtual Buddies will be available to select students who have agreed to work with a Virtual Buddy in order to be more successful in their online classes. Some volunteers may indicate an interest in only this program and will not be expected to tutor unless they desire to participate as a Peer Tutor as well. The purpose of this service is to be a Virtual Buddy to assist students with time management, motivation and encouragement. Virtual Buddies contact an assigned student at least two times a week and will hopefully be the student’s inspiration to be engaged and to attempt all work in the course they are taking. Virtual Buddies will not be expected to work with more than 3-5 students at one time. For a better idea of what it means to be a Virtual Buddy, watch this video from our very first Virtual Buddy, Felecia.

Peer Tutoring is content support to meet students’ specific needs. This service will be available via a new web based program, Upswing. During the Peer Tutor orientation, Peer Tutors will set up their Upswing profiles including their availability schedule. Tutors may set their own hours, but are expected to be available according to their schedule. Students will be able to view these schedules and book time with the tutors. A message will be sent to notify the Peer Tutor when a session is scheduled and a reminder will also be sent when the session time approaches. Upon

completion of the session each party, Peer Tutor and student, will complete an evaluation o

f the session. Tutor evaluations will accumulate as “star” ratings that will boost them to the top of the tutor lists!!

Watch this video to hear what a Peer Tutor has to say about what Peer Tutoring is.

Writing Center is our newest service. Students will submit writing projects via the PTC Writing Center course in Canvas. Volunteers will provide peer editing and suggestions via Canvas. Training is provided. Here is an introduction to how the PTC Writing Center works.

English Language Learner Center is specialized support for ELL students. Students may come directly to Upswing for these services or be referred by their NCVPS instructor or school personnel. The ELL Tutor will work one on one with the student to assist them in achieving success in all of their courses. ELL Tutors may be asked to assist with translating between student, teacher and parent. ELL Tutors may also be asked to provide support and information to ELL parents. Training will be provided. Learn more about the program for the program’s lead, Sheila. ELL Center

Tutor Talk is a tutor written blog. Each of our volunteers will be encouraged to contribute one or more articles that might help students be successful in an online class. Tutors don’t have to be great writers because we have a fabulous student editor that will help you polish article before it is publish in our Blog. This is a great item to include on a resume, a published writer. You can see some of the published articles at: In this video, Amy, a former TutorTalk Editor, talks about her experiences with TutorTalk.

Tech Support is our developing service which will provide asynchrounous support for troubleshooting hardware and software issues as well as tutorials on Web 2.0 tools. Eventually, this service will also have a synchrounous element as a live tech help desk within Upswing.

Bullying Prevention is in development. We aim to support students who have either been bullied in the past and those who are still being bullied with "Bystander Training." The program may be constructed similarly to the already existing "VB" program. Not only will it provide active support, but we aim for it to provide self-esteem and plans of action to prevent bullying and cyber-bullying.

C - Committed to our Program

A - Affecting the Lives of Victims in a Positive Manner

R - Reaching Others through Education & One-on-One Contact

I - Interested in Others

N - Nuturing & Fostering Self-Esteem Practices

G - Giving Help to Others

Other volunteers are also needed to support the Peer Tutoring Center. Students with organizational and time management skills are needed to help streamline processes. Students with multimedia and graphic design experience are needed to support our marketing efforts. We welcome all volunteers with initiative and a desire to help others succeed in the online learning environment.