Muscle Pill

By Shanavas Anil

Physical Health

The Muscle pill effects your physical health by giving you instant muscles in your body. Your body will feel stronger in no time. The Muscle pill will make your body bigger and stronger.

Furthermore, this new Muscle pill will allow you to have muscles faster than going to the gym.

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Social Health

The Muscle pill affects your social health because you are happy how your body is and how strong it is. When you are happy with your body, it allows you to make new friends and start new relationships with others. The reason why this Muscle pill affect your social health is that with you being happy with your body for bring musclar and not fat it allows you to interact with others because you are not worried what others think of your body.
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Emotional Health

The Muscle affects your emotional health because it makes you happy. This new pill will give you muscles in your body, have a stronger bidu, and get rid of fat. Also, it affects your emotions by making you happy and satisfied with the body you have and also it will
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