Come to Minnesota

Want to see a land of lakes?You'll believe when you see it!

Some of our very own people

There are many reasons why you should come to Minnesota. Our very own Harriet Bishop helped build the school society and teach our children with very helpful education. If you come here we will insure your children will get the superior education they need.

Ways to get here

Steamboats come to St. Paul almost every day. Many people come aboard our steam boats. It is one of our most popular ways to travel to Minnesota. It is convenient yet fun to see our land.

St. Paul

St. Paul is one of our most famous places in Minnesota. We have schools, shops, and much more. Steamboats come to our town almost every day. We love all our people and treat them all with the same respect. We insure you there is plenty of jobs to work at, fun things to do, and places to live.

Why you should enjoy this life in Minnesota with us

  • You will not get sick because of the cold.
  • Minnesota has many ways of transpotation including canoe, stagecoach, wagon, and steamboat.
  • There are many things to do and learn here.
  • There are many people here you will come to love.
  • As the population grows, more jobs are needed so you will have a greater chance to get one.

A quote

The land is beautiful, the school is amazing, and the people are outstanding. You just have to be here to beileive it.

-A quote from Charlie Louise