By: Jacob Lane

A day of your life with type 2 diabetes

As a type 2 diabetic your body still produces insulin but in a much different way. When energy in the form of carbs enters the blood stream the pancreas produces insulin to allow the energy to enter the cells. The insulin that the pancreas does not fit in the insulin does not match the blood cells. Therefor the pancreas produces extra insulin to try to match the insulin receptors and allow the glucose to enter the cell.

Lifestyle choices

Life style choices is all of these ideas of eating healthy and being active are about. What you decide to do with your life to hep or prevent type 2 diabetes is a big important factor to your overall health. One big thing that people do these days is watch TV. People who watch TV for more than 20 hours a week has twice the chance of obtaining diabetes then people who watch TV for 10 hours a week.

Staying fit to control diabetes

In order to control your diabetes you need to stay fit. Exercising and eating a healthy recommended diet is the key factors of staying fit. If you do not stay fit while controlling your diabetes you will become obese and will loose to diabetes. When staying fit you are able to have a lot more energy when controlling your diabetes. If you become obese and do not stay fit with diabetes you can never get rid of type 2 diabetes.