Weekly Update

Strive Center for Autism - April 23, 2021

Professional Crisis Management (PCM) Training

Today, we trained seven staff at Brighton in our crisis management intervention program, which is from the Professional Crisis Management Association. Earlier this month, we trained three staff in Burton. This training helps our staff learn a variety of techniques to de-escalate and prevent crisis behavior, as well as how to respond in a crisis. For more information, see the PCMA website, which has been recently updated to provide a more complete picture of what crisis management is.

Brighton Parent Parking

As you may have noticed, our parking lot is pretty busy during pick up and drop off. In Brighton, we ask that as many parents as possible park in the front row by the building during these times. We know there are not enough spaces for everyone at once, so we are also leaving 2-3 spots empty across from the building, toward the south end of the parking lot for parents to use. If there's not room for you in the front row, please feel free to park on the opposite side, toward the end, farthest from the parking lot entrance. If you're in the front row, please wait until you see that staff have brought the children in from those cars on the opposite side before you pull out of the parking lot. We are happy to have our building filled with children who need us, and thank you for your patience in the parking lot.
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Meet Megan, ABA Therapist in Brighton!

Megan has worked at the Strive Center for Autism since January 2021. She has an Associates Degree from Mott Community College and is currently attending University of Michigan.

Megan has previously worked in both the retail and restaurant industries.

Megan enjoys painting, traveling, reading and exercising. She tries to spend her free time with her family and friends.