Number The Stars

By: Lois Lowery Aaliyah Harris P.4

When it all Comes at You

  • Setting- Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Time- September 1943 the third year of nazi occupation
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The plot of the story Number The Stars is that one day when Annmarie and her friend who is jewish. Were walking home from school. And all of a sudden these soldiers had stopped them.There teachers had told them and had said to take a different way to school from now on.
  • Main Characters - Annmarie (Protagonist) Younger sister Kristi, Best Friend Ellen, Mother , and Father.

Number The Stars

Supporting Characters- Annmarie, Mother, Father, And her Uncle Henrik. And Lise who had died earlier in war.
Key- Characters who existed- Malth- Brunn

Fictitious- King Christian

Number the stars is a book about a escape about the jewish family from Copenhagen during world war 2. Thousands of Jews were helped to reach neutral ground in Sweden. Also to avoid being deported to concentration camps. She has risked her life to help her best friend.Her Best friend Ellen Rose is in danger. So she has pretended that Ellen is Annmaries late older sister Lise who has died earlier in war.

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  • Simile from Number The Stars- Bottom of Page 5 (Kristi thinks of the soldiers as unimportant as lamp posts).- Comparing soldiers to lamp posts.
  • Hyperbole- The gray water licked there at damp brow grass- because the gray water can not lick.
  • Personification- The world was crying- Because all the world can not cry.
  • Haughty- Having or showing arrogant superiority .
  • Disdainful- Expressing extreme contempt .
  • Sneering- Expressive of contempt.
  • Scornful- Showing Disrespect.
  • Contemptuous- Disrespectful.

Number The Stars

Sentence- Unlike the Haughty or Disdainful attitude of Kristi or the Sneering, Scornful and contemptuous attitudes the Soldiers .