From Wax to Crayons

By: Fiona Stueve


Is there anything in the world better then crayons to write with? Read more to find how crayons are made.


Crayons are made with paraffin. To harvest the paraffin farmers put the paraffin in the farm. Then it goes to the factory.


The factory unboxes the crayons. Then the factory mixes pigments to the paraffin to make a waxy substance. Then they add color to the wax. Then the wax goes in crayon shaped containers. Then goes to the store.


The store gets the crayons from the factory. The people unbox the crayons. Then they put the crayons on the shelves. Then people buy the crayons from the store.

Fun Facts

The crayons get up to 135. A company sold its first package of eight colored crayons in 1903. They wrap the crayons two times to make the crayons stronger.


Now you know how crayon are made.
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