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Principal Brief

March 28-April 1

Hope- According to Lopez - "Hope is the leading indicator of success in relationships, academics, career, and business- as well as of a healthier, happier life." Dr. Lopez is spearheading research showing that not only is hope good for your wellbeing, but it's a measurable quality that can be increased with practice.

Ripples of Hope: April 6

The month of April is all about HOPE! For the past two years, WISD has had Ripples of Hope in the month of April. Ripples of Hope is the idea that we can share hope with others and that others have shard hope with us! The one act of kindness, that one word of encouragement, that one moment where someone spent some time with you, and so much more, was like a drop in the water setting off a ripple effect. After that drop of hope, we were able to keep moving forward and hopefully, it spurred us on to be a drop of hope for someone else. Holly will give us information on our PD day about her guidance lessons on hope and the lessons you will teach to help support. We will be providing all staff with Hope shirts as well. Please hang on to them for next year, as this will be a district focus- BIG FOCUS!

Educational Opportunities for Teachers- Opportunities to begin coursework through UNT to become an Educational Diagnostician, as well as cohort information Texas A&M-Commerce to obtain a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction are available. Please contact Missy Hefty if you are interested.

Staff Development - Melissa Heller's last day was Thursday. I know the staff development department will miss her! If you have any PD questions, send them my way- We will miss Melissa and her contributions to WISD!

STAAR Writing- March 29 - Indoor recess or---- If you need to get the kids out and moving (weather permitting) Mrs. Haskins will provide some equipment for students to use during their recess that will be located in the front- (the new front). Rotation and lunch will be the same time- duty free. There will not be push in help. Remember to write an encouraging note to your Writing Martha. We will be hosting a writing breakfast for 4th grade students and parents in the cafeteria on March 28 to celebrate students and how hard they have worked. Thanks Mrs. Medrano for making the breakfast casseroles for us.

Construction- It all begins on March 28! Krista will review new traffic patterns and duties at our meeting on Thursday. Please let parents know through your class facebook pages to expect delays. PPCD teachers- please call your parents and let them know about the change. Only PPCD students that need to use the ramp will go out the cafeteria for the afternoon dismissal. All students need to be ready in their new dismissal area by 2:25 on Monday. I will send out a school messenger, along with a letter to parents. Thanks for your help with this. Good communication to our parents can go a long way in making parents feel good that we are taking care of their students in a safe way.

Parent Survey- We now have 215 parents that have taken the survey- one of the highest in the district. Because of YOU, we are getting the word out. Great job!

Agenda for March 24

8:15 Breakfast Goodies

8:30-9:30 Lesson Plan template, Summer PD, Ripples of Hope, Construction Review, STAAR Writing Information

9:30-2:30 Planning - Lunch is on your own

Upcoming Dates:

March 28: Climate Survey Ends, 4th Grade Writing Cafe 7:15-8:00, TELPAS practice- 2nd grade

March 29: 4th Grade STAAR Writing, Kona Ice (PTA), 3rd Grade Field Trip to Bush Library

March 30: TELPAS 2nd Grade, 3 & 4th RTI

March 31: TELPAS Practice 3/4

April 1: Hoops for Heart (all rotations in GYM), TELPAS 3/4, GT nominations due,