Star Students in the Making

Welcome back, students!

Lessons begin next week!

I can't wait to see students back starting next Tuesday, September 8. By this point, you should have already received a confirmation email or call from me regarding your child's lesson day/time for the year. If you haven't received this information or aren't sure when your child's lessons are, please contact me. I'll plan to see you all soon!

Our new theme!

Starting this Fall, my studio theme is "Star Students." I've created colorful incentive charts for each student that will be up on the wall throughout the year. Each time a student completes his or her assigned practice for the week, memorizes a piece of music, or does anything exceptional during our lesson, the student will be able to place a star on the chart. Whenever a student earns five stars and completes a row of a chart, that student will get to pick a prize out of my prize box. My goal with this theme is to inspire students to work hard while having fun earning stars and prizes!

Heads up!

For those of you who have taken lessons with PCS before, you know how much we value our Skillmasters program. It's a wonderful opportunity for your child to interact with other PCS students, learn and review musical concepts, study the life of important composers, and have fun playing music games! In the near future, you should receive an email regarding scheduling for Skillmasters classes. We're excited to get the ball rolling on this wonderful program!