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Knowing what compensation for damages you can claim for car accident injuries in Orillia

In the language of law, compensation for an accident injury case is referred to as “Damages.” When a person is contemplating on filing a lawsuit for injury suffered because of an accident caused by another person, one of the things he must consider is how much he is going to get for damages. Damages is a calculation of what your injuries cost you, financially, emotionally and physically and in most cases whether the action of the person who caused the accident resulting in your injuries is punishable by law.That is why, in filing your case, you must need the advice and counsel of a car accident lawyer in Orilliaso that you can be awarded the maximum compensation available for you.

Here are some of the compensation for damages which you may claim:

  1. Hospitalization and medical treatment - Since you need medical treatment, you will get the reimbursement of the actual medical cost. If your injury results to a long-term medical treatment, an estimated cost will be awarded to you.
  2. Loss of Income - Since you are not able to work while undergoing medical treatment you lose your income. The accident had an effect on your salary and allowances. The number of days you lose your income will be computed and awarded to you.
  3. Loss of future earnings - this is the money you could have earned in the future if the accident had not happened.
  4. Loss of Property - if your car was damaged because of the accident or some personal belonging were lost, you are entitled to a reimbursement of the actual cost of repair. If your car was totally damaged and beyond repair, you are entitled to an award equivalent to the fair market value of your car and other personal belongings.
  5. Mental Anguish - this has to do with your sleepless nights, trauma, fear and anxiety.
  6. Exemplary or Punitive Damages - The purpose of this award is to teach the person who caused the accident not to do it again.
  7. Loss of Enjoyment - Because of the injuries you sustained in the accident, you are no longer able to do you hobbies, like play golf or basketball. You can no longer exercise or do other recreational activities.
  8. Loss of Consortium - if the injuries affect the relationship of the husband and wife, like inability to have sexual relationship. This kind of damages can be claimed. If the loss of companionship is between parent and child, for example he can no longer take his child to school or attend school activities with the child, in some places, the damage is awarded to the child instead of the parent.

Damages can be collected only after a judgment has been rendered or an amicable settlement has been arranged. Getting the award for damages is entirely different from collecting the money equivalent to the compensation awarded. If the person who caused the accident is unable to pay or is not willing to pay, your car accident lawyer in Orillia can help you in the collection by garnishing his wages or putting liens on his properties.