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What companies need to avoid in web designing?

The designing of a website starts after the goal and plan of the website is clear. One of the many important things the web designers in Dubai web Design Company – In Time Global are clear off is that the website is created for their clients and not them. Most designers give priority to the creativity and forget about the usability and productivity of the website. The designers at In Time Global do not deviate from the reality and stick to the specification given by the clients.

Here are some very common mistakes made by many designers that have caught the eye of designers in this Dubai web Design Company.

Mobile friendly websites
The website should be optimized for mobile viewing as now-a-days majority of people use mobile over Laptop or PCs. The user should get the best experience of both platforms (mobile and full screen). The designers at Intime have realized that mobiles are a vital part of an individual’s daily life. so they aim to provide responsive web design services to their clientele.

The straight forward website that highlights only the important features of the site is easy to navigate and understand. But some designers go intense on the creativity and end up complicating the website. Excessive information on the home page can confuse the users and they might lose interest in your website.

Striving to make it different
Designers try too hard to customize the website and that sometimes may end badly for them. A website with simple specific goals is acceptable but if the website is totally different from what the users are familiar with, it will only cause confusion.

Concluding thoughts

The Dubai web Design Company, In Time Global has witnessed such errors and taken measures to eliminate them completely.

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