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Digital Tool of the Week: Post It Plus App

Truth: I dismissed this app last year thinking it was just another app. MY MISTAKE!

This app is extremely useful! Please take a moment to check it out.

Quick Uses:

- Brainstorming

- Categorizing

- Team Work

- Matching

Stick It - iPhone Sticky Notes - Best note taking iPhone App



6th Grade Science, Mrs. McVeigh

Create Your Own Planet



TOO MUCH TEXT: The Power of Command F

You are trying to find one word in a document, website or text on your Macbook! However, the word is playing hide and seek with you! There is an easy solution.

Hold down the Command key. Then Tap the F key. A box will appear in the upper right of your browser or screen. Now, type in the word you are attempting to locate. Hit the return key! Now, the word will be highlighted in the text each time it appears!


Thoughts to Ponder...

As we continue on our 1:1 journey, how are we using technology to enhance student learning. A few quotes have come across my Twitter feed and ears at conferences. All of the quotes below truly force us to consider the perspective and approach we are taking with students.

"Are we using technology tools to create for students or are students using technology tools to create for students?" - Eric Sheninger

"Pedagogy is the driver, technology is the accelerator." -Gabriella Meyers

"You do not become a relevant teacher by using technology! You become relevant in the eyes of a student when you allow them to use their technology to show you what they know!" - Don Wettrick