If Boys Can Play, Why Can't Girls?

Should Girls be Allowed to Play on Boys Teams?

Written By: Chris Ferrara

Did you know that in 2001, 1655 girls played football, 3023 girls wrestled and 9,610 girls played baseball on boys high school teams? (The Foundation Position) Therefore, girls of similar size and skill should have the same opportunities as boys.
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There is a newly arising conflict of sports and gender. If you don't know about it then you should probably pay attention. There have been boys and girls teams for many different sports. Some girls want to play "boys sports" such as wrestling or baseball. In order for girls to play those games they need to be on a boys team. Girls with comparable size, strength and skill as boys should be able to play on their teams. (Girls and contact sports: The Foundation Position) According to (The Foundation Position) "Growth rates vary within the sexes and children prior to puberty should be matched in height, weight and skill." Girls and boys should be allowed to be on each other's teams as long as they are matched with another.
According to ("Editorial: Don't mix Boys, Girls in sports") " Boys who want to play on girls teams should transfer their athleticism and ambition to other sports." In order for the gender and sports problem to be fair, "Girls should be banned from boys teams, so long as boys are banned from girls teams. ("Editorial: Don't mix boys, girls in sports"). If boys and girls are banned from each others teams, the sports and gender conflict should be partially resolved.
We should give males and females a chance to voice their opinions and concerns about the gender and sports conflict. ("About Girls participation on Boys Teams") A possibly, very important step in solving the gender and sports conflict is making girls eligible to play on boys teams if they choose too. Reassuring coaches and competitors that the girl under discussion has met the requirements of fitness and ability and is capable enough to compete with boys. (About Girls participation on Boys Teams)
Some people may think that size and skill doesn't matter when it comes to girls playing on boys teams, and that girls shouldn't ever have the same opportunities as boys. If girls don't have the same opportunities as boys then people who think they should have the same opportunities will become more angered then they were before hand.