Virtual Resume

By: Rajinder Dhillon

Part 1: Goal Setting

Smart Goal #1

The academic smart goal I want to achieve by the time I graduate high school is an 85% mark average. Achieving this goal will be amazing and hopefully lead me to a better future. In order to achieve this goal I will of coarse need to get high marks in all of my 8 classes through out high school. In order to measure my progress I will need to always ask for feed back from my teachers on what I need to improve so I can work more on my weaknesses. Also to measure my progress I can look at my recent marked assignments or test and see where I have done something wrong so I don't make that same mistake next time. I will know I have achieved this goal when I get back my next assignment or test and see If I have fixed and improved on what I had lost marks on. In order to achieve this goal I will need to work to the best of my abilities and over in every single class, so I can get the highest mark possible. Also to achieve this goal and get a 85 average I can get help from a tutor, teacher or even a family member on any work I don't understand. This goal is very important for during this time in my life because in order for me to get into the program I want to after high school I will need an 85 average or above. This goal is also important because If I meet my goal I will know I tried my best and be really proud of myself.

Smart Goal #2

The volunteering smart goal I want to achieve by the time I graduate is to have at least 500 volunteering hours. In order to achieve this goal I will need to be determined to spend my most of my free time before graduating on volunteering. There's many different places I can volunteer, but I normal decide to volunteer at a place that's closest to my house. In order to measure my hours I will of coarse have a hours sheet where I record the amount of hours I do everyday. In order to make progress I can check my hours sheet and see how many hours I am able to do weekly and based on the number I can calculate how many weeks it will take me to get near 500 hours. Volunteers are important during high school because in order to graduate in grade 12 I will need to have at least 40 hours of volunteering. It's also important because in the future whenever I apply for a job I can write all the volunteering hours I have done, which will makes my chances of getting hired higher. To get to this goal I will need only 400 more hours since I have already completed 100 hours of volunteering last summer.