Gifted & Talented Newsletter

Spring 2022

IDEAS Showcase

We held out first annual IDEAS Showcase in person and it was a huge success. We were excited to see projects from all grade levels.

1st Grade: Created their own planets and told us all about them! Students also built a 3D model of their planet to share.

2nd Grade: Researched a person that interested them and created a presentation of their life. They also made a model of their person with toilet paper rolls.

3rd Grade: Researched a career that interested them. They did interviews with people in that field and presented their chosen careers.

3rd Grade: Wrote and created their own comic books! They wrote and drew their comic books to present.

4th Grade: Presented Passion Projects in areas they were interested in. They had to present their information as well as create an artifact to represent their interests.

5th Grade: Combined engineering and math to build a tree-house of their own creativity. They had to include a foam pit or a hot tub and the correct measurements to build and paint their entire project.

To see pictures and videos of some of the presentations, please visit our Project Showcase Website

GT Ambassador Award 2021-2022

drum roll please..... Kristen Jurek!

Kristen has gone above and beyond to support classroom teachers in providing differentiation to our GT students. She has guided the third graders through researching their future career, connected students with professional to interview, and provided opportunities to conduct student-led experiments around their passions. Our second graders have been given a unique opportunity to research a chosen historical figure, created artistic representations from household materials and timelines about those people. Kristen has also supported the first grade team with the Create Your Own Planet. She guided the first graders through research of the solar system and gathered resources for the students to create their own unique planets.

Over the course of the year, Kristen has pulled GT students to work with them on projects relating to their interests. On one project in particular, she reached out to people within a specific career field that students were interested in so that they could interview them and gain more knowledge about the role they have within their jobs.

Kristen has pulled the GT kids this year and has done amazing extension activities during our WIN tims. It has been so helpful for me as a classroom teacher because there is limited time in our everyday activities. The projects she has created with them are wonderful and it has given my students a chance to shine. She has done all of this in addition to her library duties. She is the best!

Mrs. Jurek has created a wonderful makerspace in the library, as well as helps students with their GT projects. She has done an amazing job, above and beyond her librarian duties.

40 Book Challenge: Claire P. 4th Grader

Claire is the first student in our school to reach the 40 Book Challenge. She read 40 books across many genres this year in class!

40 Book Challenge, Kate J. 2nd Grade

Kate accomplished the 40 Book Challenge by reading 40 books across different genres in Mrs. Jone's class and at home. Congrats Kate!

40 Book Challenge Winners

Asher W. - Mrs. Greengold's Class

Chloe H. - Mrs. Greengold's Class