Roman name: he is a hero

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Job Description

  • King of Athens- he rules Athens and the people

  • Slayed the Minotaur-he protected the people from the Minotaur


  • Bull head
  • Sword
  • Crown
  • Map

Character Traits

  • Courageous
  • Warrior
  • Adventurous

Family Tree

Siblings-didn't have any

Parents-Poseidon,Aegeus and Aethra



  • Powerful-he was the king of Athens the most important city at the time.
  • Strength-he used his strength to slay the Minotaur.
  • Agility-Theseus traveled on multiple adventures


  • Forgetful-he began going on meaningless adventures.
  • Foolish-Theseus started making bad decision that lead to his death.
  • Deceiving-he lured the Amazon's leader on to his boat and kidnapped her.

Interesting Facts

  • Aethra seduced the greek god Poseidon and Aegeus the same night. This is why Theseus was considered to have two divine origins.
  • Theseus was a very important hero who combined strength,power and wisdom.
  • During a wrestling match Theseus killed Cercyon the Arcadian.

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