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Week of September 5, 2021

Picture Day! Smile!

Picture Day is 09/14/2021 for tracks 2 & 4, mark your calendar! Ordering online is easy, please click here for more information on how to pay for your pictures.

Picture Day Schedule

Bus/Carpool Update

Thank you BES families for your patience as we continue to deal with the impact of the bus driver shortage and traditional schools returning. Because of the bus issues, we have more students carpooling, so our carpool line is a little longer. Please continue to have your students gather all of their belongings and be ready to get out of the car at arrival time. At dismissal, please have your carpool tag displayed and visible for our carpool caller. For our newest carpool students, please be sure to help them memorize and recognize their carpool numbers. This will also help in making our carpool process more efficient.

As always, for the safety of our students, staff, and families, please drive carefully and refrain from using your cell phone while on campus in the carpool line.

Our afternoon bus times have greatly improved over the last couple of weeks. Hopefully, this trend will continue and we can get back to a somewhat normal schedule.


  • Transportation changes can only be changed with a written note from a parent/guardian. Please do not send a message to your child's teacher about changing their transportation. If you have a true emergency, please contact the school office at 919-557-1120.
  • We have noticed an increase in early dismissal pick-ups. Please note, we do not dismiss students after 3:15. At the end of the day, we are busy communicating transportation changes to get ready for dismissal. When office staff members are interrupted during this time, it increases the chance that we miss communicating important information. Thanks for your help with this! If you want to pick up your child early, please come before 3:15 pm.

Student Face Coverings and Covid Exposures Procedure

  • Wear a face covering properly over the nose, mouth, and chin in all indoor public settings | With most students now attending school in-person, the spread of COVID-19 at social gatherings outside of school is a significant challenge for schools.

  • According to our current guidelines, a possible exposure is defined as an individual being in close contact (within 6 ft.) of an individual who tested positive for COVID 19 for 15 min. or more. To be considered a possible exposure, this period of close contact would need to take place within the 2 days prior to the individual testing positive, or beginning symptoms related to COVID 19.

  • The reason why face coverings reduce instances of exposures is because in the case of students, if both parties are known to have been properly wearing face coverings during the instance(s) of close contact, the student would not be required to quarantine. While we cannot eliminate possible exposures all together, we can greatly reduce them by following this guidance.

  • Face coverings are also required for visitors when indoors at schools or district buildings, including visitors to Board of Education and committee meetings.

BES Grade Level Quarantine Plan

Families, to ensure our students are still receiving instruction if they have to quarantine, our teams have developed a plan. Please review the Quarantine Plan below. Students can only use this plan if they have been quarantined due to exposure or diagnosed with Covid-19.

Quarantine Plan

Volunteer Registration

We are working on a plan for our community members to register to volunteer. Currently, we do not have volunteers in the building; however, we want our families registered in the event this changes.

Dates to remember


  • September 7th: Tracks 3 & 4 Interims
  • September 10th: Track 1 students track-out
  • September 13th: Track 2 students track-in
  • September 13th: PTA Meeting 6:00pm
  • September 14th: Fall Pictures for tracks 2 & 4
  • September 21st: PTA Chipotle Fundraiser
  • September 28th: School Improvement Team Mtg at 7:45
  • September 30th: Track 4 students track-out
  • October 1st: Teacher Workday (No school for students)
  • October 7th: Fall Pictures for tracks 1 & 3