The Giver

By Lois Lowery Flyer created by Brandon Vega

Book Summary

The Giver takes place in a community where everything is controlled by elders. Everything is controlled from the people you live with to the job you have. In the community the ceremony was a few days away. This annual ceremony is very important. In these ceremonies new children are assigned families and the existing children advance into the next age group. There were age groups of 1 through 11. The transition between 11 and 12 is very important. It represents the first step of adult hood at the ceremony of 12 you are assigned a new job. This ceremony was very important. Jonas a former was selected to be the new receiver of memory. He was selected because he last receiver of memory failed ten years ago. Being the receiver of memory came with great honor, but with training was said to be painful.Jonas was up for the challenge. As the receiver of memory, all of the memories from the community going way back a given to the receiver to keep. With these memories you are given the ability to see color and feel emotion. Something that no-one else can feel in the community. Jonas the new receiver of memory believes that these memories need to be released to the community his plan to do this is to find elsewhere. When he finds elsewhere we would have passed the barrier of memory. When Jonas passes this barrier all of the memories will be released back to everyone in the community. The only problem is that it is a long voyage outside of the community to find elsewhere.

Main Characters

  • Jonas- Jonas has been selected to be the receiver in the community. training to become the new receiver was not easy. He has to face many challenges like being different than everyone else in the community.
  • The Giver- The Giver is the person who already obtains all of the memories of the community. His job is to transfer all of the memories he has to Jonas. He also provides to Jonas understand what is being given to him.
"He has shown all of the qualities that a receiver must have...Intelligence...Integrity...Courage"


Teacher-like questions

  1. Who are the main characters in this novel?
  2. What is the plot of the story?
  3. Name the climax of the story.

Overall rating

This novel had everything a good story needed. A good plot,, good characters, and a good climax. *****