Shiptrap Island

because once you land, you won't want to leave!

Island Activities

You can go hiking in our nice jungles or take a walk on our scenic coastlines. Just stay away from the swamp- there's quicksand. Our host is one of the most hospitable around, and he issues everyone who comes a happy stay. Our main guest house provides warm beds, clothes, wonderful food, water, and we even have electricity. You don't have to worry about our security- our security guard is so good he was once the bodyguard for the Russian Czar. If you like animals, we have an assortment of fine dogs. But the main attraction at our island is the hunting. Our island has some of the best hunting in the world. Our island is stocked with the best game in the world- it is incredibly hard to hunt, but it's fun if you like the hunt. Our host, General Zaroff, is a world class hunter. If you want to, you can go hunting with him. If you come, we wish you a great stay and a happy hunt!

Spots on our island

How To Get There

If you come to our island by day, you can dock at our lovely stone docks. If you arrive at night, our manager will turn to lights on that will lead you to our docks. Just follow the lights, and you should arrive at our island.