Elizabeth Quay

By Andre Dodo-BAlu


The Elizabeth Quay project is a 2.6 billion project and the main subject of this article. In case you don't know all that money comes from us.

Paragraph 1

Perth Waterfront was just a grass land, the British who had settled there used water transport because they where near the swan river, It stayed that way for most of the century.

Paragraph 2 Barrack Street Jetty

Barrack Street Jetty was probally the most used jetty in all of Perth. It was people unloaded their supplies for trading, it later became the ports general jetty. For long time it was a link for the public transport. It connected ferrys and boats.

Aboriginal and European Heritage.

The Florence Hummerston Kiosk and the Moreton Bay fig tree were made for the Aboriginal and European heritage. They did it so the Aboriginal and European heritage was known to the public.

Elizabeth Quay 2014

Elizabeth Quay is the main piece of a plan to revitalise central Perth and make the Swan River the iconic place it used to be. This 2.6 billion project 10 hectares of seeing the beauty of the Swan River. It will feature new apartments, shops and cafes. They are going to put European influence such as European ships and cafes. They are being careful that the chemicals don't leak into the river and that it does not cause polution.They are also doing Aboriginal influence such as paintings, artifacts and objects. The bad news is that some people are thinking of shutting it down for building new parks.


In conclusion i think the Elizabeth Quay project is a very good idea and i really hope people don't shut it down for stupid parks. It's very good that the government are going to put Aboriginal influence in it and i can't wait till it's finished. : ^ )