Social Workers

Olivia Hinkle

A Social Workers Job

Social Workers help families, individuals, groups, and communities with what they are concerned about to help their well-being. Social Workers usually will go out to the home of the client and discuss the issues. Social Workers can also help with adoption.

Working Conditions and Daily Activities

Social Workers need to have good communication skills and resource skills. Social Workers are part time at their desk filling out paper work and half at people's living spaces.

Yearly Wages for a Social Worker

A Social Worker gets a yearly wage of about $33,230 to $43,520.

Preparation and core classes a high school student can take

To become a social worker you need a high school diploma, bachelor's degree in social work and a licence. In high school student's can take Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, and Ethnic/Gender studies.

Important Skills and Abilities

To become a social worker it is preferred you work well with kids. It is recommend you have background in foreign languages. You should have human service skills, problem solving skills, and patients.