The Magneficent Middle Colony

Years: 1626-1681

List of the awesome places:

  • Delaware (ehh)
  • New York (I "Heart" NY)
  • New Jersey (its a jersey thing)
  • Pennsylvania (another ehh)


  • DELAWARE WAS FOUNDED BY.......Peter Minuit and the New Sweden company. They have many trading opportunities.
  • They were into Subsistence farming and mixed farming for their economy to grow.
  • They were a proprietary society. (the king likes to give people land).
  • They have a kinda big but small population. They are made up of Dutch though.
  • Lenape are the Native Americans that inhabited this place. There were some trouble with them but they eventually pushed the Lenape away.
  • There is no established religion.

NEW YORK!!!!! :)

  • The Duke of York and Peter Minuit and also the Manhattan Island.
  • They made an established economic system by trading fur to other countries.
  • They have a Proprietary Government because of the Proprietary colony.
  • They have a BIG population that is filled with mostly Dutch and English people.
  • The Natives that Inhabited the area are the Iroquois. There was trouble with them but they defeated them in the French and Indian War.


  • Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret are the founders of NEW JERSEY! ( The sewer of New York).
  • Their Economy grew by Mixed Farming
  • They have a Proprietary Government (the king is cheap).
  • They have a BIG population that is made up of British and English.
  • Lenni-Lenape is the native tribe that inhabited New Jersey.
  • There is no established religion ONCE AGAIN!

Eh, Pennsyvania.

  • William Penn is the founder by a land grant from his dead father. He wanted to create a colony that allowed for freedom of religion due to this desire to protect himself and the Quakers from persecution.
  • They made their money by growing wheat.
  • They established a Proprietary Government.
  • They have a BIG population due to many immigrants that came to this colony.
  • Erie, Honniasont, Huron, Iroquios, and many other natives inhabited Pennsylvania. There is no trouble with them because of the Peace Treaty that they made when they brought these lands from the natives to keep them from causing war.
  • There is no religion but there are many Quakers living there.