African Wildlife foundation

Wildlife conservation in Africa

Don't Let this Happen

Every 20 minutes, one or more entire specifies of animals die. Humans cause an hourly destruction of 240 acres of natural habitats that the animals live in. In addition, out of every 28 trees cut down, one is planted again. Poaching is bad there too, 31,348 elephants were slaughter in just three years, and in 2102 668 rhinos were poached in South Africa. This is a terrible thing we are doing, stop it now. In fact, Jim fowler says, " The quicker we humans learn that saving opening space and wildlife is quicker to our welfare and quality of life, maybe we will start doing something about it."

Working with the people of Africa to ensure wildlife and their habbaits

The African Wildife foundation is a non profit organization. It was founded in 1961 by Nick Arundel, James Bugg, and Russell Train. It does many projects including the Ewaso lions project. In this project they got 16 warriors keep watch on the lions. Two other ones are great ish rhino conservation and west african giraffe conservation. With out African Wildlife foundation the lions would be extinct in two decades. This is a great oraganiztion that keeps wildlife alive in Africa.

Get Involved

Now you can do something about it. If you go to their website, you can donate money that will go strait to African's rarest animals. You will also empower the people of Africa with the tools to lead in conserving their natural heritage. Also even when you donate just a small amount it will help a lot.


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African Wildlife Foundation - Conserving, Protecting, Empowering