Mrs. Scopano's Update 10/14/16

GAVS Middle School ELA 8 A

Hi guys!

Fall is in the air. I hope that makes you as excited as it makes me!

You made it through another assignment deadline! Congratulations & keep up your hard work.

Welcome to our newsletter. Read this update from top to bottom. It will provide you with information to stay up-to-date on our course.

Grades have been posted!

Yesterday, we had an assignment deadline and zeros have now been entered. Check your grades to be sure you've turned in everything that was due. And if you haven't, you still have a second chance. (Lucky you!) See the graphic below to understand how you can turn in work for partial credit in the next few days. Just a quick reminder that our next assignment due date is Thursday, October 27th, before midnight, in order to receive full credit on your assignments!
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Here's a quick reminder of the GAVS due date policy:

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About Grading...

See the announcement below that is also posted on our course homepage. I will be working very hard to have all of your work graded as quickly as possible. Please bear with me. Thank you!
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You guys are really fun!

I have truly enjoyed each of our class chats this semester because you all are a really fun bunch of students. If you have not attended a class chat, you really should. We chat, we sing songs (Happy Birthday, Grant!) and we delve deeper into the coursework so that you have a better understanding of what you're doing. There have been a few chats since the last newsletter. In a recent chat, we did some interactive punctuation practice and ended with a competitive game of punctuation practice Jeopardy.

This past week, we had office hours. Office hours are a time for you to drop in and chat with me about grades, assignments, or anything. I hold office hours every other week and a formal class lesson every other week.

Remember that you get BONUS POINTS for attending a live chat (and signing the attendance sheet) or listening to the recording (and signing the attendance sheet). Don't miss out on those bonus points!

Chat recordings are listed on the right side of our course homepage under "User Links."

Are you checking your essay markups?

For every essay you submit, I will take the time to mark it up to show you what you need to revise and edit for future drafts. I will tell you in your feedback to check out the markups I've made on your essay. Here's a short video that shows you how to access those markups. Check it out. This is SUPER IMPORTANT!

Check out this fun video for a little energy for your Friday!

Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often

A little inspiration for you...

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Final Reminders

Remember, you can text or call me, M-F, 9-5pm. And, you can email anytime. I'm here for you! If you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask me.

Check out my twitter handle below. If you have a twitter account, follow me to stay update on course news!

Also, did you know that you can add a profile picture to your GAVS account, so that we can see your face? We'd love to see you, if you want to share your picture. :)