School Counseling Newsletter

May/June 2016

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Planning Timeline

-Take the AP, SAT I, and SAT II Tests.

-Talk to teachers about writing letters of recommendation for you.
-Finish the school year strong!
-Update your student activity sheet and provide those writing a letter of recommendation with a copy.
-Continue with college visits. Call ahead for appointments with admissions, financial aid, and academic advisors at the colleges in which you are most interested.
-If you go on job interviews, don't forget to follow up with a written thank-you note.
Summer between Junior and Senior Year:
-Work on your college application essays.
-Review the application procedures for the colleges in which you are most interested.
-Create a back-up plan in the off-chances you aren't accepted into your top choice school.
-Decide if you are going early action or early decision. Both of these require you to submit applications early. Early action means you submit your application by November 1st at the latest for most schools (check their deadlines) and a decision is made usually by mid-December, meaning you are notified sooner. Early decision is a binding commitment to enroll at that institution should you be accepted, meaning you must withdraw all other applications at all other institutions.

-Make sure you have all 2015 tax information in a place where you can easily retrieve it. The financial aid window opens October 1st and student aid is first-come, first-served.


Selective Service

All young men who are turning 18 must register for Selective Service within a month of their 18th birthday. This is federal law, and for those who fail to do so may be denied student loans, job training, government jobs, and driver’s licenses in most states. You can get a Selective Service registration card at the local post office or register online at

*Make sure you pay attention to current events. Congress is looking to have females register as well. If this is passed, all females in the 18-24 age range will have to register. So, this will affect all females in this class if it is passed.*

Career Cruising

Please don’t forget that completing your portfolio on Career Cruising is an integral piece of your graduation project. If you need assistance with completing this part of the process, please see me!

Login info:
username: CORRY-your student ID #
your birthday (ex. 01011998)

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

What You Say on Social Media Matters!

Be careful what you post on social media. It can come back to haunt you. Even the anonymous apps have a way of tracking down the person who wrote the content or took the photo. Even if you delete your post, it is never truly gone. What you say can have major consequences. Colleges have rescinded offers of admission. College sports teams have dropped prospects who would have otherwise received full athletic scholarships to the school. Employers have even fired employees based on what they have posted.

Don't believe me? Check out this article and this screenshot from actual athletic departments from top-tier schools:
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Looking ahead to next year......

This year has been pretty awesome. The Class of 2017 is going places. Each and every one of you has a special talent to be shared with the world. I am sad that I will miss it. Due to my husband's medical condition and his need to stay in close proximity to Camp Lejeune and Duke University Medical Center to continue his specialized medical treatment upon his retirement from the USMC, I will be moving back to North Carolina.

My last day of work is June 17th. If you were planning on asking me for a letter of recommendation for next year, I need those requests and your updated activity sheet by June 3rd at the latest. That way, I have enough time to write an adequate letter for you.

When I accepted this position, circumstances were different. Unfortunately, life happens even if we have the best intentions. I am grateful for the opportunity I had this school year to get to know you all!