Connections within USA and Canada

Economic, Social, and Political Connections

Economic Connections

The U.S. and Canada share the world's biggest relationship in trading, making Canada the single largest energy supplier to the United States. This provides vital jobs in both countries. The U.S. mainly invests in oil, chemicals, and machine manufacturing from Canada. This is all done through the World Trade Organization.
This information makes it obvious that Canada plays a major role in how the United States not only receives goods, but makes a profit from the constant trading. Without Canada, we would be lacking goods in all of these fields. Trading with Canada is a benefit to the U.S. because the two countries are close together which minimizes shipping costs and they both benefit from transactions.
The picture above is Canada's GDP growth rate and for more information regarding trade, visit this link :

Social Connections

Canada and the United States began building their friendship after World War ll. When President Obama entered office, border security effectiveness increased which now allows residents close to the border to travel to the other country to go to work, shop, or just get to know the other side of this unmilitarized border.
The 200 year long relationship between these two neighboring countries is the reason for the trust and will to help both countries always succeed. The immigration among the countries has made each of them more diverse culturally than they previously were.

Political Connections

The United States has a federal republic and presidential type of government while Canada has a federal and constitutional monarchy. Despite this difference, both of the countries are apart of the United Nations (UN) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). They also share the same structure of the federal government (executive, legislative, and judicial).
By completing this research, I have come to the conclusion that even though there are differences in both governments, this is what keeps both countries so close.The picture above represents USA's political parties. Red is for the Republicans and blue is for Democrats.


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