French Advertising

by: Jillian Wright

Section One:

Advertising is promoting something so people will use or buy a product. In France, they use different types of advertising. Some are seduction, spectacle, romance, and humor. Marketing and advertising improve the quality of life because it shows you what there is to buy and if you need it then you know where to go. Advertisements influence us to buy things that we don't necessarily need, but want most of the time. A seller influences their client to buy something by listing all the good things about it, comparing it to other products similar to it and listing what's better on their product versus the other one, etc.

Section Two:

There are many different French products. Such things as L'oreal, Maybelline, Nivea, and Lancome. Those are some that are also sold in the U.S.

Section Three:

American ad versus French ad
Big image
Big image
The advertisements are advertising weight loss. The target audience of both are probably over weight people or people who aren't happy with their size. The message is to get people to lose weight and use their products or programs to help them along the way. It makes the advertisements interesting because of the pictures and the American one's slogan.

Section Four:

French Oreo Commercial (w/ English Subtitles)
The product this commercial is about is Oreos. The target audience is basically anybody that likes sweet things like cookies. The goal is to get people to buy Oreos. The thing that makes this interesting is that it's a little girl and her dad in a little fort, and I think that's really cute.