Football Concussions

How to avoid them for $50 or less

The "Whiplash" Effect

Concussions can be caused by the non-medical term "whiplash", which is refering to a blow to the base of the neck in which the head is whipped around enough to hit the brain against the skull. (

  • 90% of concussions are caused by a blow to the head, face, neck, or spine. (
  • 46,948 concussions were treated in US hospitals in 2009. Thats the 2nd highest ranking sport for that injury next to cycling. (

Safety is Affordable

The three parts of this padding is the collar, the inner pads, and support straps.

  • Collar- The average cervical collar costs only $8. (
  • Pads- The average price per pad, to be inserted into the collar, is $6. So with five pads you can keep the price under $50! (
  • Straps- You would have to pay approximately $12 dollars for four helmet to neck brace connection straps. (

Some possible neck brace designs include:

Garenteed to be effective and affordable.

Why is it needed?

A neck brace would be very beneficial for football because:

  • You need to be protected when you have 200 pound football players running at you at an average of 20 mph.
  • Your neck is the most vaulnerable part of the spinal cord, but is a very exposed part of the body durring football.