Digital Artists

By Victoria Pena

How Much Money they Make

The amount of money digital media artists make depends on what types of art certain people like and the quality of their drawings/animations. They can refer to animations, digital drawings, and many other things.


*People may give you constructive criticism to help you improve on whatever type of art you're making.

*You may earn a lot of money if what you do is noticed.

*You could be known around the world for your special talent.


*People may not like what you do and you may not get noticed at all

*drawing as a job is different from drawing for fun; when you draw for work, you may have to work day and night, making everything perfect and exact as your request.

*others may criticize your art rudely, bringing you down

*people may steal your art

Ways to Make More Money

There are many ways to make money off of this. People can make their own characters, make fan-art of characters that already currently exist, or make gifts for others. However, the quality of the work will affect how much money you make, as I said in a previous paragraph. People may need to use certain things like shaders, professional sketches, good anatomy, scenery, layers,cand the most important, watermarks. Watermarks are very, and I mean VERY important because they can prevent people from stealing work, because it proves that it is your own work.