Crozet 5th Grade Newsletter

Issue #14

A Poem for our Students...

It is great to have you as students
You make my job worthwhile
I look forward to every day
With anticipation and a smile!

You make my job rewarding

In each and every way
I'm thankful you're a Crozet 5th grader
Because you brighten up my day!

Love, Mrs. Agee, Mr. Carpenter, Mrs. Garbaccio, and Mr. Stauffer

Announcements and Reminders:

  • Winter Eagle Time: Class descriptions and schedules are now available. Registration is online only at the PTO website: Classes begin January 12th.

    Snack Drive: The PTO will sponsor a snack drive to replenish the snacks we keep at school for those who forget or don't bring one due to financial constraints. Send in pre-packaged, nut free snacks beginning Dec. 8th.

    Look for the flyer in Tuesday folders. We encourage our fifth graders to bring a snack every day and 5th Grade is peanut free.

  • 12.18.14 - Winter Music Program: Grades 4/5 @ 1.10/6.30 pm
  • 12.19.14 - Last day of school before winter break
  • 1.19.15 - MLK, Jr. Holiday - No School

BRAX Cups Fundraiser

Holiday Gift Idea and our 5th grade fundraiser... BRAX CUPS

Please consider our Brax Cups for holiday gifts.

BPA-free, reusable, and dishwasher safe

We can submit orders until early November to have them in time for the holidays.

All products are officially licensed by the National Football League

branches of the U.S. Military. Details listed in link

Based on total quantity of items sold, profit per item is

calculated as follows:

Items sold=1000 =$7.25 profit per item

Items sold=500-999=$6.50 profit per item

Items sold=1-499=$6.00 profit per item

Log Into Blackboard

Under Staff, click on Blackboard on the right-hand list.

Student will log in with his/her username and password.

Caregivers can log in with same information given through Parent Portal

Click on CRES 5th Grade

All content is listed under each teacher


Students are becoming "Lords of the Rings" with their new vocabulary flash cards. They are creating their own collections of vocabulary for each subject. They are able to add to their collection of cards at any time and we encourage for them to check out Blackboard at home to review vocabulary in each of their subject areas



In the weeks ahead, we are discussing what we already know about fractions. This is a hefty concept for fifth graders, so we begin with some visuals and revisit some familiar ways to identify fractions.

Mr. Stauffer's Class

We will be learning to order, compare, add, and subtract fractions. Thank you for all your support!

Virginia Studies

We're continuing this week with causes for the American Revolution, as well as completing our propaganda posters. Please check out our resources on the Blackboard page, as well as reviewing the interactive notes in your student's binder.


To prepare for our expository writing structure and resource choices, students are to choose their favorite animal, find three, authentic resources, and we will begin working on the following prompt in class:

We know that organisms have different physical structures for different jobs. Choose your favorite animal and describe in detail the physical structure it uses to defend itself from predators. Remember that not all animals defend themselves by tooth and nail; some use camouflage, swift legs, and noxious gas. What structure does your animal use for defense?


We're continuting SOL 5.6, our Oceans unit this week. Students will investigate and understand characteristics of the ocean environment. Key concepts include geological characteristics, physical characteristics, and biological characteristics.

Students have discussed the ocean floor, waves, currents, and tides this past week. We will continue discussing these concepts all next week. On blackboard vocabulary is available, along with a few helpful sites about the ocean. Thanks!

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