Year 4 News

Week beginning September 26th 2016

Latest updates

Parents Evening

Please remember to make an appointment to meet your child's class teacher to discuss their progress so far.


The Year 4 classes have completed the INCAS assessments and will be completing the ISA assessments over the next few weeks. Please ensure your child is well rested so they can perform to the best of their ability.

Sharing the planet

Central Idea

Living things can adapt over time in order to survive.

The children will learn through a variety of learning engagements based on the following inquiry questions:

  • What are the different forms of adaptation?
  • How do living things respond to changing environmental conditions?
  • How do humans impact the survival of living things?

In this unit the students will demonstrate their understanding of adaptation and the impact humans have on animals and their habitats. The students will write reports showing their conceptual understandings discussed in this unit. The children will present artwork and research information about a variety of environmental issues. They will attempt to persuade an audience to take a stand and not partake in harming animals and their habitats.


Two of the Year 4 classes have already visited the Mai Po Nature Reserve (WWF) and three classes will visit over the next week. For this trip we have asked the children to wear their regular school uniform (Mai Po insist on no wearing of bright colours as this will distract the birds and attract biting insects).

If it is wet on the day of your child's trip please pack a raincoat in your child's bag in case of rain.

If you happen to have an inexpensive pair of binoculars and your child can fit them in their backpack, it is fine for your child to bring them but it is not essential for the trip.

Mai Po is a trip within school hours. Children will need to bring snack, lunch and water for the trip. Children will not need to bring any money or octopus cards for the trip.


We are teaching addition strategies over the next few weeks. Children will be learning how to solve real life addition problems using a range of efficient mental and written strategies.


Children have their weekly spellings to learn which are written in their spelling journal. Please ensure your child uses 5 of these spelling words to complete their own sentences which they should write in the words in context section of their journal.

In class children are enjoying reading and deconstructing a range of non-chronological report examples. They are learning to identify key language features, text organisation and specific vocabulary used. In this unit children will create a non-chronological report about a fictitious animal that is suitably adapted to its environment, detailing its physical features and behaviour.

General notices

  • Please remember to sign your child's reading record after hearing them read each night.

  • Please speak with your child about what they might like to eat for a healthy lunch.

  • Please make sure your child has enough stationery in school. You can find the list here and also check the list on the Y4 VLE page.

  • Please note the autumn swimming timetable (click here to view).

Swimming Notice

Kennedy School Swim Safety Week

From Thursday 29th September the children will be receiving a practical lesson on water safety. The students need to bring in the following clothes IN ADDITION to their usual swim kit:

Y4: light coloured baggy shorts and white long sleeved T-shirt

Only white or light coloured clothing will be permitted in the pool as dark colours and print reacts with the chlorine.

Mr Luck has requested that in order to be prepared for swimming every child requires:

  • Kennedy School swimming kit - swimming costume or shorts / jammers.
  • Swimming cap for ALL children with hair below the tops of their ears.
  • Large white t-shirt or swim robe
  • Waterproof shoes, crocs or sandals for walking to and from the pool.
  • Large towel, preferably a beach towel.
  • A strong waterproof bag.
  • Please note that if your child is unable to swim because they are sick it is best to keep your child at home until they are well enough to participate in all school activities.

Tomorrows Oceans 2016 Marine Life Drawing Competition

If you would like your child to enter the competition, please click here for more details about what to draw, how to submit your entry. There are lots of prizes to be won!

Upcoming dates for your diaries

4S Mai Po trip Monday 26th September

4J Mai Po trip Tuesday 27th September

4D Mai Po trip Thursday 29th September

Parents Evening 4th and 6th October 3.30pm - 6.30pm

Half term Monday 10th – Friday 14th October

ESF CPD Day Monday 17th October

Y4 Camp information evening Wednesday 2nd November 6pm

Y4 Camp Wednesday 16th - Friday 18th November

End of term Friday 9th December @ 12:00noon

Home Learning is on the VLE

Year 4 Home Learning is written on the VLE: Please remind your child to login and check the home learning for this week.