A few reminders....

Thinking of withdrawing/dropping the course? Now is the time.

If you are considering withdrawing from a course so that you do not receive an "F" on your record, you need to do so before November 16th.

A "W" will be present on your records if you withdraw from the course. To withdraw you can do so by visiting Admission and Records or using Websmart to drop/withdraw from the class. Here are the instruction for dropping using Websmart:

1. Log into WEBSMART

2. Click on "registration"

3. Click on "registration add/drop classes"

4. Click on "the term" and click on "submit"

Note: At this point you may be asked to confirm your personal information

5. On the registration add/drop page, locate the class you want to drop and change the drop down menu for that class from "None" to "Drop"

6. Click "submit changes"

If you need assistance please contact Admissions and Records at (650)306-3226, or you may wish to speak to the Basic Skills Counselor or your Retention Specialist (me). You can contact me at (650)306-3356 or email reynosomonica@smccd.edu.

Proactive Registration

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Need help registering or need to sign up for a Jam?

There will be an opportunity to stop by and get support from Financial Aid, Counseling, Admission and Records, and Learning Center. Word Jam, Math Jam, and Physics Jam registration will also take place.

Drop-in Hours are:

Wednesday, November 18th 2p-6p in the Learning Center

Thursday, November 19th 2-6p in the Learning Center

Questions? Email me at reynosomonica@smccd.edu


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Just a friendly reminder that even though your midterms have begun or are happening right now, remember that you're almost done!

With midterms coming and going remember that a test does not define who you are, you have worked very hard and continue to do so. If you're feeling overwhelmed remember that I am here for you! Whether you need academic support or just someone to tell how your day is going, I am here (in the Learning Center)!

Mondays and Wednesdays 9a-5p

Tuesdays and Thursdays 11a-7p

Monica Reynoso

Picture: (Left to Right) My brother Sgt. Raul Reynoso, Me, and Cpl. Alex Villacis. Happy Veteran's Day.