White Tail Deer

Odocoileus virginianus


The biome in which the White Tail Deer lives is, the grassland biome, they live in the northern part of the world such as, ( ).

Physical apperance

White Tail Deers (males) have red/brown coats in summer and they fade to brown/gray during the winter.  Only the males have antlers, and the antlers are big in the summer and they fall of in the winter, and grow back again in summer. The females, called fawns have white spots on them, with a red/brown coat.nationalgeographic.com/whitetaildeer

Life span/ diet

White Tail Deers live up to about 10 years old, yet in captivity the number doubles to 20 years. They usually eat grass, and woodly items you find in fields.


White Tail Deers usually eat green plants, corn, acorns, and other nuts. They also eat twigs, and things that fall off trees. When a White Tail Deer is startled, it will usually stomp its hooves and show its underside of their tail.