Seminar Three


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Topics this Seminar

Environmental Science & Technology

Do you recycle any of your electronics? Do you think that big businesses do a good job of recycling their electronic waste (E-waste)? The following article details what E-waste consists of, explains the importance of recycling all of our electronics, methods of recycling, and what can be recovered and reused from all of our E-waste. For more information, read Recycle Technology for Recovering Resources and Products from Waste Printed Circuit Boards.
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What is 3D Printing?

It appears that 3D is growing in popularity and is our future. It is predicted that 3D can "change the nature of commerce, because end users will be able to do much of their own manufacturing rather than engaging in trade to buy products from other people and corporations." What do you think of that prediction? Should businesses be worried about this? What else can you find about the future of 3D printing? Any interesting facts about how it might change the medical industry? You can read the quote that added above in the following article: What is 3D printing?
Leaders Of The 3D Printing Revolution