Growth Mindset Information.....

A growth mindset changes your approach to challenges. Students who have a growth mindset tend to see challenges as opportunities to grow and learn. They can grow their brain with hard work and repeated practice. Mistakes are proof that you are trying. Your intelligence isn’t fixed because your brain is like a muscle that grows.

Growth Mindset words you can use:

· Add “yet” to negative statements

(ie. I can’t do multiplication… yet!)

· You can if you think you can.

· I’m on the right track.

· This might take more time and effort.

· The more I practice, the better I get.

· I can take a break and go back to it.

Choose a Growth Mindset!

from your Elementary Mental Health Staff:

Bethany Nordby (AP)


March 6: School Board Meeting @ 6PM

March 8: Wear RED for Caring (Character Counts)

March 9
: End of 2nd Trimester

March 10: Teacher Workshop- NO SCHOOL

March 16: Spring Picture Day

March 20: School Board Meeting @ 6PM

March 27: Good "Knight" Story-Read by Mr. McDonald on Albertville Primary Facebook Page @ 7PM

Character Counts theme for March is CARING!

Caring means being kind, compassionate, loving, and considerate. Caring people show concern for the feelings of others. They express gratitude, forgive others, and help those in need.

Tips to promote caring include:

· Use words related to caring frequently such as: kindness, love, concern, help, friendliness, giving.

· Make your home a caring place by establishing codes of conduct that discourage sarcasm, name-calling, labeling, or put-downs.

· Be kind to each other, your children, friends, and guests.

· Create your own “random acts of kindness” plan. Select a good deed to do each week anonymously.

Encourage your children to wear RED (like a heart) on Wednesday, March 8 to symbolize CARING.

Character Counts!

2nd Trimester Report Cards

2nd Trimester report cards will be available on ParentVue Friday, March 17.

In addition to this, we will also print a copy of this report card and send it home with your child on Friday, March 17.

Year End report cards will be printed and mailed home in June.

Have Fun With Language

· Talk about letters and sounds. Help your child learn the names of letters and the sounds the letters make. Turn it into a game. “I’m thinking of a letter and it makes the mmm sound.”

· Read it again and again. Go ahead and read your child’s favorite book for the 100th time! As you read, pause and ask your child about what is going on in the book.

· Play sound games. Practice blending sounds into words. Ask “Can you tell what this word is? m-o-p.”

· Write it down. Have paper and pencil for your child to use for writing. Working together, write a sentence or two about something special. Encourage your child to use the letters and sounds he or she is learning in school.

· Trace and say letters. Have your child use a finger to trace a letter while saying the letter’s sound. Do this on paper, in sand, or on a plate of sugar.

· Say silly tongue twisters. Sing songs, read rhyming words, and say silly tongue twisters. These help kids become sensitive to the sounds in words.

Student Placement Process for 1st Grade....

The Big Woods, Fieldstone, and STME staff will begin planning for student placement for the 2023-2024 school year. Tremendous time and effort are given to designing well-balanced learning groups, or classrooms. During this process, the following factors are considered:

~ boy / girl ratio

~ consistent class size

~ behavior and academics

~ peer relationships

~ maturity & self control

~ special needs

~ independence level

Since student placement is determined by the aforementioned criteria, parents are asked not to request a specific teacher. Be assured that our staff will review the needs of students and carefully select an appropriate learning group. Well balanced learning groups are in the best interest of all children. While teachers are responsible for placing students in learning groups, the principal is responsible for assigning teachers to each learning group.

Parents who would like a Placement Consideration form may request one by contacting your child's elementary building or the Albertville Primary office.

The deadline to return the form is Friday, March 17.


To ensure the safety of all students, AP staff will send students home their typical way unless a parent notifies the teacher or the office. Please do not ask your child to tell her/his teacher that she/he is going home a different way. Thank you!