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November 14, 2014

Growth vs Fixed Mindset

Fixed Mindset: People believe their basic qualities, intelligence or talent, are simply FIXED traits. They focus on documenting their intelligence, rather than growing it and believe talent alone equates success. The saying is, "The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary"....very True

Growth Mindset: People believe that even their most basic abilities can be developed through goal setting, dedication and hard work- brains and talents are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience to never give up- NO LIMIT to potential!

Teaching this growth mindset in your classroom and using phrases like, "You are very focused! Your effort is tremendous", rather than "You are really smart", continues to promote the idea that ANYONE can get there if they try!

Please take a moment to read the blog about the

Top Ten Tips for developing a Growth Mindset in your Classroom

Learning...It's PeRsOnAl

I will also try to add tidbits of information regarding our continued path towards a more personal approach to learning.

CLICK HERE for an excellent chart that shows: Personalization vs. Differentiation vs. Individualization

Inspirational Words from Jan Richardson!

Here are some inspirational literacy words from our friend, Jan Richardson. A plethora of information can be found on

Making Connections

When readers make connections, they enhance their comprehension as long as they do not “bird walk,” or get carried away with their connection and fail to realize their thinking is leading them away from the text rather than deeper into it. During an interactive read aloud, model how your connection helps you understand the character’s feelings or visualize the setting. During guided reading, encourage children to make connections and then discuss how their connections help them better understand the text.

Strategy Focus

A powerful guided reading lesson at any level has a strategy focus. When I pinpoint the focus, I analyze student assessments and ask myself, “What do these students need to learn next in order to help them become better readers?” Then I select the text with that focus in mind. If my focus is fluency, I’ll select a fiction text with dialogue that doesn’t have many decoding challenges. If, on the other hand, the students need more practice decoding multisyllabic words, I’ll select a slightly harder book with big words students can decode. It’s helpful if the words are already in the students’ listening vocabulary so they can use meaning while they are chunking the words.

Tuesday PLC Specialist Group

By now you have all had the chance to meet with our Tuesday PLC Specialist Group (Alison H., Jessica S., Renee G.) whose goal is to analyze historical and current data and be another layer of support to teachers to aide the growth of the "gray area" kids (kids who are not in special education, not Targeted or Selected). This should not be confused with SRT! You will be on a continuous rotating meeting schedule. Between meeting times, you need to ensure that you have all of your up-to-date data ready on these kids.

The outcomes from these meetings should directly aline with the first 3 bullets in the expectations of PLC time:

Through the work of our updated district literacy plan, all schools in the district will be implementing a similar team in their schools to ensure no students slip through the cracks and that we are continuing to analyze data, curriculum and instruction on a regular basis.

Running Records

District Belief Statement #3- "Purposeful Assessment drives instruction and affects learning".

Running Records have always been meant as a method to guide instructional practices and planning. It has been the expectation that more frequent Running Records are given to students who are Targeted, Selected, not at grade level, or are on the bubble (sometimes on or off grade level) on a more consistent basis (e.g. every 4-5 weeks (rotating schedule), when you have noticed a change, or when you have adjusted strategies, etc.) to ensure that what you are doing is making a difference. This will be talked about again and upcoming meeting and will be more closely monitored to ensure we are doing everything we can.

Learning Targets- "I CAN statements"

WOW! I really appreciate seeing the "I CAN" or "Learning Targets" posted around your rooms and talked about at the beginning and end of your lessons. We will continue to want to grow in this area as a school. As you plan, you should always be thinking to yourself, "What do I want students to know and do?" or as Steven Covey states, "Begin with the end in mind!". The difficult part is to get the buy in and understanding of those targets from the students so they begin to take on more of the cognitive load as a learner.

Schoology Usage

Over the last month, our Schoology usage has grown considerably (CLICK HERE to view our data and other district data in an easy to read chart) . I believe that as you continue to see all of the capabilities and power in using this LMS, you will utilize this tool (when appropriate) to continue to enhance your lessons. Remember, the goal is not just to use Schoology, but to use multiple sources (apps, files, video links, etc.) that can all be housed and monitored through this tool. Start slow...don't use it all day.....ask for help. We will continue to talk about ways Schoology can work for you. You can also follow @schoology on twitter to learn more integration techniques.

PTO Meeting Sign-up

In the last PTO meeting, they talked about continuing to put MORE money into teacher grants. Thank you to the the teams and individuals who have been to a PTO meeting this year. Remember, it is an expectation that you attend a meeting, so please sign up to to show your support. Sign-up sheet is posted in the copy room.

Counselor position- Update

The counselor position has been offered to a Bay Port graduate (Becky Wright) and current counselor in the Menasha school district. Because of some issues with the Menasha HR dept. not releasing her contract for 30 days, we will be without a counselor until Dec. 8th. The "30 days" are actual days (not business days) from the point she provided her resignation. With that said, the expectation is that the new counselor will still teach the same amount of courses Jen did no matter her start date. When more information becomes official, I will update you again.

We will be working with Ryan Welnetz and Cathy Yurk (K-1 counselor) to figure out an interim schedule so that BH kids and teachers can be better supported until the new counselor starts You can reach her at

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