North Doakota

The Peace Garden State

How North Dakota got its nickname

North Dakotas nickname is the peace Garden state it got that nickname because the land and gardens are butyful.

North dakotas Popurlation

Did you know that 89.6% of the population is white?. and 1.8%are black?. did you know that 2.9% are Hispanic?. Or that 1.2%are Asian?. Or that 1.9% are mixed race?. Or that 5.4% are Amer?.Or that o.1% are other people from the islands in the pacific ocean

Cool Facts About North Dakota by Jonny

Did you know that North Dakotas plains cover half of the entire state?. Did you know that the states area is 69.299.?. It also has the biggest buffalo stachue [It is 60 tons] . Its Nickname is the peace garden state . Their state bird [Western meadowlark] is bellyful. Roger Maris is famous for his world record his world record is most home-runs made in one season playing with the Yankees[he was raised in north Dakota. it was the 39th state to be dissevered. Its state capital is bismark.

How North Dakota got its nickname

North Dakotas nickname is the Peace Garden State. they got this nickname because of the butyful Gardans and lands.

North Dakotas land

Did you know that north Dakota is one of the most butyfull places in the united states?. did you know that the largest city is Fargo?. Their nickname is the peace garden state because they had really beautiful gardens. did you know that there was a time called the dirty thirty's that was a time when it was so bad that entire farms turned to dust! this did not just hurt farmers but others too.

North Dakotas state flag

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North Dakotas Sate flag

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