By Lucy


Rainforests used to cover 14% of the earths surface but now there is only 6% left. Did you know that every second, rainforests the size of a football field are being cut down. The valuable thing people want is the wood and scientists believe in 40 years there will be no aged rainforests left.


Did you know:

137 species of plants, animals and insects are lost per day

50 000 species of animal are lost per year

Animals loose their shelter, home and food


Did you know:

Aboriginal and Indigenous communities are loosing their homes

The food from plants are disappearing

Currently there are 121 prescription drugs sold worldwide that come from plants and trees only found in the tropics.

So if our rainforests disappear that would affect the availability of some medicines and can't make any future medicines.

Small Actions - Big Difference

These are some little things you can do to help rainforests:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Use "certified" wood (which means it was legally cut) not from a native rainforest.

Save water and electricity

Use material bags not plastic

spread the word on appreciating and respecting our rainforests