Thursday, March 17 - This was FUN!

Writing Rubrics PLC's Are A BIG Hit!

We met, we talked, we learned! Great exchange of ideas from highly evolved professionals. THANKS for you warm welcome and the energy that you brought to the PLC meetings! Thanks to Joanne Reihm and Fred Best!

The NEW Delaware Writing rubrics have new meaning and use! CHAT goals, Common Core alignment and writing across the curriculum were all discussed and shared.

This will, no doubt, be helpful toward standards use and data driven learning in your classes.

As promised, I'm attaching the link to my blog for the Analytic Conversion Rubric Table from DOE. There is an issue: the total points uses the Score of 4, not 3, as we spoke about in our sessions so you may want to convert it for your needs.

Questions and concerns? Just email me at

THANKS for all that your dedication and work with our Students!

Thanks Folks!

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