Who is Anthony Bourdain

Let's find out on who he is and what he has done in life

Anthony Bourdain was born in New York City 1956. But grew up in Leona, New Jersey.

Anthony grew up with a faimy full of artist. His dad was a music writer and his mother worked for the New York Times newspaper.

Anthony graduated Dwight-Englewood heighschool in 1973. He attended Vassar college and the dropped out two years later..

Anthony worked at a few seafood restaurants, then not much longer after starting his job he tries culinary. He went to the Culonary Institute of America graduating in 1878

Sir Bourdain is now known for his cookbooks,t.v show and his reastauants. The restaurant Super Club is only one of the top10 must go to I the U.S. Sir Anthony even has restaurants resting in Tokyo,Japan,Miami and Washington D.C.
. If Anthony Bourdain is such a good cook and if he has so many awards the how come barley anyone has heard of him?