Pig Party!

It won't be a boar!

This party is bacon us crazy

Come help us celebrate Pigdependence Day the only way us pigs know how...with a party!

Pig Party

Tuesday, March 1st 2016 at 12am

65th Street Transverse

New York, NY

There will be free porking across the street.

Celebrity Appearences

  1. Kevin Bacon
  2. Brad Pig and Hamgelina Jolie
  3. Elvis Pigsley
  4. Harry Porker, Ron Squealsley and other member of Griffinboar
  5. MC Hammer
  6. Justin Bieboar
  7. Ryan Squelcrest
  8. Justin Piggerlake
  9. Hamdalf
  10. The cast of "Star Boars"

*To prevent a repeat of last year, Dumbleboar and Voldepork will be separarted