Computer Components

learn more about the computers we use today

The Components

the mother board is the most important part of the computer. it is the part were all of the wires connect, also connecting to the motherboard is the R.A.M ( random access memory ) this stores memory like in a game. it is all lost when you turn the computer off. the video card displays what you see as the screen. the power supply generates power for all of the computer components. the hard disk is for storing all of the dater like photo's video's and folders it does not lose the dater when you turn it off. the optical drive is also important because its job is to read all of the words and numbers and translate them so you can write them. the heat sink cools all the components by passing cool breezy air around. lots of these components are not visible because they are all in the computer but the things that we can see is the screen, monitor, mouse, keyboard and printer if you have one.


laptops are booming more and more popular and trending. these are smaller versions of the computer they have no mouse and the keyboard is attached to the main screen. laptops are really useful portable devices because you can buy laptop bags or put it in your backpack. these laptops can be really expensive. you can buy different type of laptop these are called gaming laptops they generally have more R.A.M and have a better display card to get the best graphics possible.