Providence News

February 2017

School Wide Announcements and Reminders

Camp Registation is due March 15.

Registration for the School Year 2017-18 will be coming home as we near the end of March.

Our field trip to the Perkiomen Watershed on Monday - Feb 20 was a huge hit. I love the pictures that Theresa shared and the children told us all what they learned.

Another Big thank you to Dr. Candice Ghazzouli (Drew and Everly's Mom) for visiting our school and sharing with us the importance of proper dental hygiene.

As always we welcome family and friends of Providence to volunteer as a guest reader, organize a craft project or offer a cultural lesson in family heritage or traditions. Contact the office if you or someone you know is interested in volunteering.


Happy hearts and good health to you. This month has been filled with fun heart activities, dental health exploration and interesting sound of the week letters. Thank you to all parents for helping come up with some great ideas for the letter for your child to share on Fridays.

The children have become little learners that love to chose challenging work and share their adventures as mentors and partners for each other.

We have discussing being healthy and have been doing lots of stretching and exercising.

The visit from Dr. Ghazzouli (Drew's mom) was great. The children had lots of great comments and were reminded to brush twice a day and let mom and dad help-. we also discussed food that makes our teeth healthy and happy.

We were sad to say goodbye to Ms. Marybeth at the end of the month. She made an impact on all the children and will be missed. We welcomed Ms. Anne Marie to the room. She is a great addition to the team upstairs. We also welcomed some new friends who transitioned from Pre-Primary: Caris, Eloise and Emily.

We look forward to the upcoming beautiful spring weather.


PrePrimary had a very busy month mastering new skills. The younger students have been diligently working on putting their jackets on by the "magic flip" while the older students are practicing putting their shoes and socks on with the "Hungry Shoe" method.
We learned about what hibernation is, the animals that hibernate and why.
In preparation of dental health month our work reinforces the proper care of our teeth through flossing and brushing. Please check out our "pearly whites" hanging in our classroom!
Thank you for sending in Valentine's for your child to share with the class and teachers, they were very excited that day.
The class is enjoying the beautiful weather, please remember to send your child to school wearing loose fitted clothing and sneakers/boots. Thank you!

Montessori Prep

Well Phil saw his shadow which means six more weeks of winter. Maybe we will get some snow after all. I think Phil may have been confused because the weather has been beautiful. We were able to go outside on the playground with the bigger kids and everyone enjoyed themselves out in the sunshine. The boys even took a turn going down the slide. Arjan has been walking and will soon be running. Patrick is walking holding onto everything and should be taking off at anytime. Kieran will stand on his own but hasn't taken that step yet. It will be no time before they are both on the move. Gwen is scootching around in circles and it won't be long before she is on the go crawling.